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Aug 10, 2010
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Nude Vista (NudeVista)

In this review I want to tell you about a site with a very strange name - Nude Vista or NudeVista (why not Nude Wista or NudeWista or Naked Vista?). This site positions itself as an adult search engine. A site has 3 different search databases where you can search for free porn: tubes, movies and pictures. Also there is a page with a list of model names, but it's completely useless because if you're looking for an exact model you already know her name and you can simply put it as a keyword to a search form. A search among movies and pictures is also useless because very few people now need short movies or pics when they can watch tube videos. So there is only one good feature which Nude Vista (NudeVista) has - this feature is a search among tube clips. Let's look at it.
First of all - thumbs are too small. Instead of using a standart size of thumbs Nude Vista (NudeVista) uses a small size. It's very hard to see what's there when you look at them.
You can watch videos at Nude Vista (NudeVista) in a very small window or go to another sites which is also not too good because a size of a video window there is also very small and there are also different annoying consoles are there.
A database is not too bad and a search methods are good enaugh. I tryed to searh for "big tits shemales" and they showed me mostly shemale galleries there.
Also there is a possibility at Nude Vista (NudeVista) to add videos to your favorites list and it's comfortable enaugh for some surfers. Here at Tubeum we only plan to add this feature and Nude Vista (NudeVista) already has it.
As a conclusion I want to say that Nude Vista (NudeVista) is not a bad site. There are tons of sites which are not too good as NudeVista (Nude Vista). But it's not good enaugh to become your favorite site for my opinion. It's simply not comfortable to watch videos there. But I wish a good luck to this site. Probably it will become better in a future.

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